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Forklift battery and charger supplier

Established in 1982 in southern California, Motive Energy is driven by the desire to deliver premium quality products and a wide range of maintenance services designed to support the material handling industry and has grown to be the largest forklift battery and charger supplier and on the west coast.

We have aligned ourselves with the industry’s best suppliers of material handling product such as DEKA batteries, Advanced Charging Technologies (ACT) battery chargers and Sackettt battery handling equipment.

Our service and maintenance programs are some of the best in the industry.  Our maintenance programs have been designed to preserve your battery and charger investment and are performed by our highly-trained technicians.

In addition, we provide the largest supply of parts and rental equipment, supporting our customers need to keep their warehouse operations running at a peak level.

We have offices throughout southern California, Arizona and Nevada.

We maintain our leadership position in the industry by providing solutions along with world-class products and services to our customers to better manage their fleet truck operations for an increased ROI.   We strive to exceed our customers’ expectations, as it is the foundation for our success and key to our long-term goals.