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Shop Services

Our shop service department is one of the largest forklift battery and charger repair facilities in California and the southwest.  Our highly skilled technicians provide both maintenance and repair services.  We are focused on providing fast, reliable, and quality services for your material handling equipment.


We understand that purchasing a new battery is not always the best option. We can pick up your battery to see if it can be repaired or reconditioned. Our test and evaluation process includes testing each individual cell and providing you with a detailed report of the results. This will allow you to choose the best option for your company’s budget and needs. We also offer full maintenance programs to ensure a longer battery life.


Our technicians in our charger service department have over 35 years combined years of service experience. We can pick up your charger to see if it can be repaired or reconditioned. We have all the latest testing equipment to diagnose the problem. We carry most charger parts in inventory for faster service. We also offer on-site charger repair if needed.


Motive Energy supplies OSHA certified spill kits for your battery and charger room. These are mandatory and are best for handling any spills or accidents.


Every battery should be equipped with one of these. It eliminates time-consuming labor of un-screwing each cap and manually watering each cell. The shut-off valve prevents over-watering the battery which leads to corrosion. These cost-effective systems help prolong battery life, which in turn, save you money in the long run.