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Field Services

Motive Energy understands when your forklift batteries and battery chargers require repairs, you need service performed quickly to keep your warehouse operations running smoothly.  We take pride in our fast response times and expertly trained technicians.  To expedite on-site maintenance, repairs and troubleshooting our field service vehicles are equipped with a comprehensive array of parts needed to maintain your battery equipment and chargers.


Motive Energy preventive maintenance service programs are designed to preserve your investment in your forklift batteries.  Our maintenance services will improve efficiency and leg then the life of your batteries.

  • Premium Care Service 
  • Ultra care services, gold, premium, or bronze 

A detailed inspection report is provided for all services and recommended services.


Motive Energy provides maintenance service programs for your fleet of industrial chargers performed by certified technicians. This service is provided onsite and includes the following:

  • Confirm start rate is set to manufactures specifications
  • Confirm finish rate is set to manufactures specifications
  • Inspect cables for proper connection
  • Inspect AC and DC fuses
  • Analyze circuit board
  • Check housing and tips for irregularities
  • Clean and ventilate charger cabinet
  • Blow out circuit boards with high pressure air to remove dust

Services performed will be documented on a detailed inspection report and note any irregularities.  The department manager will be provided with documentation of recommended repairs prior to any repair.